Get your Hosting package for as low as 1 cent

Don’t have a Hosting account at Hosterico yet? Try our service for the lowest price! Only $0.01 For the Starter Pack! Use the promotional code : HostericoFirst You can use this code and get $2.24 discount on any other package Press Here to go to Hosterico.com

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Buy a Domain name at Hosterico

In need of a domain name? Now st Hosterico you can get your own Domain name for a very cheap price! To purchase a Domain name at Hosterico.com Simply go to this url:  Press here Then search for your domain name and add it to your cart. Here is a […]

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How to add a new domain to the hosting account

In order to add a new domain to your hosting account, you need to perform two basic steps –change the nameservers for the domain to our hosting ones and then add your domain nameto the server your account is hosted on. Follow the instructions below to achieve this goal: Step […]

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How do I upload my site?

So this has happened: You are a happy owner of a hosting account, and you want to fill it with content – files. While you still seem happy, deep inside yourself, you start rambling on how to upload files and what a hassle this can turn out to be. But […]

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How to set up FileZilla

Once you’ve downloaded and installed FileZilla, launch the program. Navigate to the File tab > Site Manager menu: Click on New Site to configure a new connection: The recommended (SFTP) settings are as follows: Host: sftp://server your account is hosted on Port: 21098 Protocol: SFTP Logon Type: Normal User: your […]

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